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Tekpower TP188 Pocket-size Analog Multimeter with Built -in Test Leads

Tekpower TP188 Pocket-size Analog Multimeter with Built -in Test Leads
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Looking for a mid level multimeter for your toolbox? We offer selected models of multimeters for educational and electrical uses and TP188 is one of the most durable multimeters that has all the basic functions of a professional multimeters in a small rugged holster. TP188 multimeters are used by students, electricians, repair technicians and hobbyists all over the world. Please read the specifications and recommendations bellow.
Durable Analog Multimeter
YG188 portable multimeter is designed to measure AC and DC voltage, DC current, and resistance with accuracy and ease. It can also be used as a battery tester. One AA cell (1.5V) provides power for resistance measurement. No batteries are required for measuring voltage and current.
TP188 is a basic analog multimeter with a protective elastic shock absorbent holster. Feel free to carry it around and place it in your tool box.
The meter circuit incorporates a fuse to protect the delicate internal components in case of inadvertent overload or improper function selection.
Accessories: Test leads are permanently attached.
DC Voltage range: 2.5-10-50-250-500V
AC Voltage range: 10-50-250-500V
DC Current range: 500µA-10mA-250mA
Resistance: x10-x10k
Over range protection: Diode and a 0.5A 250V fast blow fuse
Batt:1.5v AA,
Accessories: rugged holster (already wore)
16 position rotary switch for function and range selection
All ranges fully protected
Integrated test leads
New modern case with rugged holster
2kOhm DC/AC sensitivity
Diode protection
Size: 2.4X4.7X1.1 Inches
Dimensions (LWH): 120 x 60 x 27mm
Weight: 0.50 LBS

Additional Info

Weight ( lb ) 1.0000
Color Black
Battery Type AA
Free Shipping Free Ground Shipping
Holster Yes
Dimensions (inches) 4.7 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches
Brand Tekpower

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