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TekPower TP9605BT Android Cellphone Connection and PC based USB Interfaced Auto Ranging Digital True RMS Multimeter

TP9605BT World First Cellphone Connected Multimeter, PC USB connections, True RMS Multimeter

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The world first Cellphone APP connected Digital Multimeter on the market ! We are excited to announce this fantastic TP9605BT meter built with two ways of connection:
1. Connected with Android cellphone,
2. USB Connection with Windows PC.
It seamlessly combines the meter with USB and APP to work with either your computer or cellphone. You can display the test results from the measurement and share it with anyone you want by Facebook , Twitters or Email by just a click of your finger. It is so easy to use it. It shows the data in a form of list or in chart. You can set sampling speed and send the test results out by email. This is a professional meter, 6000 counts with True RMS, the meter comes with a K-type of thermo sensor that let you do the temperature measurement. It can be displayed n both scales.

This meter has full features of an Auto ranging meter, Voltage on both AC and DC, 10A Current on both AV and DC. It measures frequency up to 10Mhz and duty cycle. The capacitance measures up to 100mF with high accuracy. It measures Ohms, Diodes and hold the Max and Mini results. The continuity function is useful find out short circuit. With back light to use in dark and data hold for easy reading, this meter is designed for long time measurement with an APP on your cellphone and keep the data for future applications. The APP is available for Android by now and we are working to create one for Apple, but not ready yet. The apk file is included in the disk comes with the meter , you you may download it from our website if you want to search for it. It shows in the Play Store too.

1 X 9V Battery (optional) 1 X Multimeter TP9506BT
1 X Optical to USB cable
1 X K Type Thermocoupler
1 X User's manual
1 X Disk for digital document and software.

How to Use iPhone or Android cellphone to read the multimeter TP9605BT?

iPhones (iOS)
Go to App Store on your cellphone, Download the APP, searching Digital Multimeter, use the one made by Jun Lin
Go to your cellphone Bluetooth, and turn it on.
Open the APP, Multimeter on your app in your cellphone.
You will see the Connect on the low left corner, press it , the iphone will connect the meter , by confirming connect it , you can use the iPhone to read the meter.


If you have the older meter bought in 2016 or Jan.,2017, you can search Tekpower in the Google App store. Download it and open it.
Turn on your Bluetooth, you can connect the meter with your cellphone.
With the new Meter you bought in 2017. You can download the APK in the CD that comes with the meter, install it to your cellphone, then open the app.
In the setting of your cellphone, please turn on the Bluetooth,find the meter, connect it.
Open the app. on the left corner, you see the connect, press it , your meter will connect it to the cellphone .
If you have any questions, please call 909 628 6088 for advice.

Additional Info

Weight ( lb ) 2.0000
Color Black
Battery Type 9V 6L22
Free Shipping No
Holster Yes
Dimensions (inches) 7 x 4 x 1.5
Brand Tekpower

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