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Sinometer , YB4328 20MHz Dual Channel Oscilloscope, YB4328

Sinometer , YB4328 20MHz Dual Channel Oscilloscope
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Vertical Deflection Operating Mode CH1 (Y1),CH2 (Y2), CHOP, ALT, ADD, X-Y
Sensitivity and Accuracy (Both Y1 & Y2) 5mV-10V/div, 5X MAG, in 12 calibrated steps of 1:2:5 sequence Band-width
DC: 0 ~ 20Mhz / AC: 10Hz ~ 20Mhz Rise Time 17.5ns Input Coupling AC, GND, DC Input Impedance 1M ohm (<30pF) Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC+AC peak)
CH1 Signal Output 25mV/div, 50 ohm, 20Hz-20MHz(-3dB) Horizontal Deflection Sweep Mode AUTO, TRIG, LOCK, SINGLE Time Base 0.1 uS-0.2S/div, 20 steps of 1:2:5 sequence Sweep Magnification 5 X (Maximum sweep speed is 20 ns per division) Accuracy 3%, 5% at 10X times Trigger Source CH1,
CH2, ALT, Ext, Line Trigger Coupling AC/DC, TV/NORM Trigger Slope Rising or falling edges External Trigger Input Impedance 1M ohm Minimum trigger level 5Hz ~ 20MHz: INT - 1 div; EXT - 0.2Vp-p TV Signal: INT - 2 div; EXT - 0.3Vp-p Trigger Lock: INT - 2 div X-Y Operation Input X axis: CH1 Y axis: CH2 Frequency Response DC: 0 ~ 1 MHz (-3dB); AC: 10Hz ~ 1 MHz (-3dB) Phase Difference < 3 degree
General Power AC110V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 60W Dimension 316x132x410(mm) Weight 16 lbs

Additional Info

Weight ( lb ) 16.0000
Color Beige
Battery Type No
Free Shipping No
Holster No
Dimensions (inches) 316x132x410(mm)
Brand No

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